We had a great Halloween this year. All of the kids in the compound dressed up [and some of the parents]. All of the moms cooked some  kind of sweet treat. So the kids went from house to house getting a cookie or candy!It was very fun! We also carved a pumpkin. I am going to show you some pictures now!



Here are some of our costumes


By the way I was modern day Bell. I hope you had an awesome Halloween like we did!


The Amazing Field Trip

This past weekend we went on a safari to Paraa as a field trip. We had an amazing time there! We saw a lot of different animals of God’s creation. We went on the safari, spent the night there and in the morning rode the ferry across the Nile river. For the safari, we rode in an open car with no doors or windows. So it was a little scary when we saw the male lion [and the other female lions]. After we were across the ferry, we went to Murchison Falls. That place was amazing! But now I am going to show you some pictures of the “field trip”.


Here is some pictures of the animals from the safari.

Elephants drinking water.


The Ugandan Crane.


This was a swimming pool at the safari lodge.

Now I will show you some pictures of us going across the ferry and at Murchison Falls.

Riding across the ferry on the Nile and looking at the sunrise.



The 4th of July

We had an amazing 4th out here in the bush. It was a little hard being away from family and friends. But we did a big lunch/dinner,a water ballon fight, and the girls painted faces.  And at the end of the day when it was a little dark, we did sparklers!!! So now I will show you a few pictures.

This is some of the girls and me when we painted faces.




There has been many new baby’s here in Abaana’s Hope. One baby is named after my little brother Gaines. My dad picked that name. Another is 3 months but I still wanted to talk about him. His name is Eli. He is a big baby for 3 months. The last is baby Addi! She is named after me! Now here is some pictures of all the baby’s I have talked about.

Baby Gaines is the first picture

Eli is the second

And Addi is the third and forth.





Bead Room

My favorite part at Abaana’s Hope is the bead room. Many ladies work their stringing jewelry all day. It is really fun making the paper beads once you get the hang of it. I can do it myself. They even have a necklace named after me. Now I am going to tell you the process,

  • First they cut paper into really long triangles
  • Next they roll the paper into a bead using a bicycle spoke
  • Then they dip the beads into bead laquer and let them dry
  • When they are dry, they string them into beautiful necklaces and bracelets

That is the process in making paper beads. Now I am going to show a few pictures of the bead room.


This is me helping on of the ladies roll the paper beads.




This is a lady making the “Addi” necklace